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Airport Procedure @ FRANKFURT AIRPORT

Arrival Process:

When you disembark the flight, follow the signs to passport control, where your passport will be stamped. You gain entry in to duty free, which leads to baggage claim. Pick up your bags that you checked in and proceed to custom. On completing these steps, you walk towards the exit.

Departure Process:

Enter the terminal that is designated to your airline, head to your airline check-in counter or self-service kiosk. Your check-in bags will be tagged and sent to the loading dock, and you will receive your boarding pass that has the boarding gate and seat number.

On completion of check-in requirements, proceed to security check and passport control. At security check, remember to place your carry-on bag in the tray, along with your jacket and other belongings. At passport control, ensure your passport has the required visa and gets stamped. After this, head to your boarding gate, and if you have time, you can spend it at the spa, food court, or shopping.