To ease your baggage woes, Frankfurt Airport offers various facilities such as baggage wrapping, storage, baggage kiosks, and baggage carts.

Baggage Wrapping:Shrink wrap luggage to prevent scratches and dirt. It is located at all departure areas in Terminal 1 (A to C) and Terminal 2 (D and E) and near the landside tax refund counter.

Each small bag: €10.00

Each normal bag: €12.00

Each bulky item: €14.00

Baggage Storage:Leave your baggage temporarily at the luggage storage facility in Terminal 1, Concourse B on the Arrivals level. If you don’tretrieved your baggage within three months, it will be auctioned. All prices include 19% value-added tax.

Baggage Kiosk:Currently there aretwo self-service baggage kiosks for checking in your luggage. If you have received your boarding pass on your mobile phone, online or at a check-in counter, you can check in your bags at one of the self-service baggage check-in kiosks.

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