Flying is overwhelming for some, tiring for other, so Frankfurt Airport offers different ways to slow down and enjoy your airport experience.

Visitors’ Terrace:One thing that adults and children love to watch is the landing and planes taking off. At Frankfurt, head to Terminal 2, the Visitors’ Terrace to witness all activity on the apron and landing strips.

Day ticket (per person): 3€, multiple entries

Family/group ticket (five for the price of four): 12€

Year pass: 27€

Children under 4 and disabled persons: Free

Airport Tours:If you like tours or love airports, Frankfurt Airport is the perfect place to be. The airport offers various types of tours in the airport, which takes you behind the scenes. Here are some of the airport tours.

Starter Tour:Go on a 45-minute tour to explore the most important parts of the apron. It amounts to 7€ per person.

Mini Tour:This tours takes you to the middle of the activity. At the apron, see the planes take off and land, and fuel and load upas the passengers board and deplane. Great place to address all your questions about the airport. At 7€ per person get up close and personal with the planes.

Maxi Tour:This tour shows you the highlights of a Mini Tour, plus CargoCity South, Lufthansa's gargantuan Airbus A380 hangar and the construction site of the future Terminal 3 at 15€ per person.

Premium Tour:The tour accommodates up to five persons at €199 for 60 minutes. The Premium Tour allows you to customize your visit to the airport by booking additional modules.

XXL Tour:This tour is ideal for airport enthusiasts. In 120 minutes, you experience the Maxi Tour with a trip to the Northwest Runway and a look at the firefighter-training center. All this for €19.

Fire Department Tour:In 105 minutes, the Fire Department Tour includes ground handling at the terminals and on the apron, the Airbus A380 hangar, CargoCity North and South, and the site of the future Terminal 3. It amounts to €17 per person.

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