Frankfurt Airport is crowded, tiring, and busy, so the best way to refresh and energize is to step away into a world of relaxation. These are some of the most rejuvenating ways for passengers.

Spa & Grooming

Air travel is tiring—it drains you out, so airports have a great way to spruce you up and feel renewed. At Frankfurt Airport, there are four ways to do it: spa, nail salon, hairdresser and dental clinic.

Be Relax:This spa offers massages, manicures, pedicures and waxing as well as oxygen for healthy skin. It is located at T1, Area Z, Level 3 and T1, Area B, Level 2.

Nail Salon:Treat and glam up your nails at CMT Nail Lounge situated at T1, Area A, Level 1. It is a unisex nail salon that delights you with completely maintenance program for hands and feet.

Hairdresser:Style, cut, color your hair at Essanelle at T1, Area C, Level 0 at the airport. Do ask about ask about special promotional and seasonal rates.

Dental:This is a unique feature at an airport. At Frankfurt Airport you can visit a dentist that offers dental work with state of the art equipment. The dentist can examine, offer prophylaxis and long-term measures to highly aesthetic ceramic restorations and implantology. If you are in need of dental solution head to T1, Area D, Level 4.

Hotel Accommodation

MyCloud Transit Hotel allows passengers with at least one Non-Schengen flight to check in. And they do not have to leave the transit area and enter the Schengen zone. Rooms can be booked for a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 24 hours.


Frankfurt Airport is home to 10 lounges for different class passengers and various airline lounges. All are designed to provide varying luxuries from rest areas to shower to freshly prepared food. Privacy is the biggest factor for these lounges, so VIPs, celebrities, and CEOs can unwind without privy eyes.

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